Design Details

This page gives detailed patent-pending drawings and measurements of the Original Kitchen iPad Rack family of products. Note that the mounting bracket can be screwed into the underside of the cabinet, or fastened with 2-sided tape or Velcro for any of the products we sell, EXCEPT the swivel mount which is recommended for screw-in only installation.

For more details, see the installation instructions for the product you are interested in:
        Original (full-size) iPad / Tablet PC Rack - - 10.25" wide, 10" tall
        Full-size Swivel iPad / Tablet PC Rack - - 10.25" wide, 10" tall with SWIVEL capability
        iPad Mini / Tablet Rack - - 8" wide, 9.25" tall
        iPhone / SmartPhone Rack - - 5.25" wide, 6" tall

Sample Shelf Detail (full-size product):

Kitchen iPad Rack - Shelf Detail

Mounting Bracket Detail (full-size product):

Kitchen iPad Rack - Mounting Bracket Detail

Note: 2 brackets shown for clarity - each shelf comes with just one bracket unless otherwise specified.

Patent Pending on design. All rights reserved.

Notes / Photos:

The shelf and bracket of all productrs are made of solid 1/4" acrylic - very sturdy and not at all wobbly or flexible.

Here are some pictures showing mounting bracket detail for the full-size product. The rack and bracket are both made of the same beautifully-transparent acrylic, fitting for any kitchen.

First, a photo of an iPad2 on the rack - this photo is taken in a euro-style kitchen with no front face coming down below the front of the cabinets - so everything is full exposed. Even so, it is beautiful and unobstrusive.

And here is the same shot, but with the rack removed. The mounting bracket is barely visible. Normally, the little lip extending down at the front of the cabinet will hide this (see other photos).

Here are the parts laying out on a box, ready to ship to you!


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